Our management and staff are very knowledgeable about the complex nature of museums, universities and organizations.  We understand the inter-relationships between the professors, departments and the larger communities of which they are a part.

We are widely recognized for our ability to work within both smaller and larger administrative frameworks and are able to provide optimal travel experiences within appropriate financial parameters.  Our owners have worked within and for the types of organizations we serve, and we pride ourselves in being among the best travel service providers in the business.

For more than a decade, Crown has worked in collaboration with Altour International, a large multi-national travel company with offices in major American and European cities.  While we are separate entities, our interactive working arrangement provides Crown with the ability to readily service large clients with its personalized approach to business.

Our approach to business enables Crown to be simultaneously small, personal and accessible as well as large, efficient and capable.  We can act both as wholesale tour operators and as a retail travel agency, simultaneously.  We offer comprehensive approaches to optimum travel planning for all of our clients.


Noriko Fujinami, President

Patrick Ela, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer

James Fujinami Moore, Director


Margarita Tubalinal

Shannon Boyd

Karen Thompson

Lucy Salvatierra

Mary Fernandez